Enjoy the Gift of Sobriety This Christmas

Enjoy the Gift of Sobriety This Christmas

Enjoy the Gift of Sobriety This Christmas


What are you planning on giving yourself this Christmas? If you are caught up in addiction, the holiday period is probably going to involve plenty of remorse and broken promises.  What if things could be different this year? What instead of the guilt of believing you ruined Christmas for yourself and your loved ones, you actually did something constructive to break free of addiction – wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift?

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Why Christmas Can be the Right Time for Rehab

Christmas can be a particularly challenging time for those of us who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Intoxication is more socially acceptable at this time of year, and even the social drinkers tend to overindulge with so many parties and social gatherings. Christmas is also a time when we are expected to spend more time with our families. This can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved, and we can use this as an excuse to get drunk or ‘high’. If we are estranged from our family, our loneliness can also be used as a reason to self-medicate.

If you behaved badly last Christmas, you can promise yourself that you won’t let the same thing happen this year. You are probably sincere in this declaration, but the truth is this is not a promise you have the power to keep. Addiction is a disease, and it means your own thinking can work against you-again! The only way to guarantee that you won’t ruin Christmas this year is to get sober, and for this to happen you probably need to spend some time in an addiction treatment centre receiving help from a team of professionals.

Maybe you think it is best to wait until after Christmas to go to rehab? The problem is that any delay means taking an unnecessary risk. You could easily overdose or cause lasting damage to your health if you continue to drink or take drugs, there is also no guarantee that the motivation to quit will still be there come January.

Why You Deserve the Gift of Sobriety This Christmas?

You don’t go to rehab just to stop drinking or using drugs, the real purpose is to help you develop a way of living where you no longer feel the need to self-destruct. It’s not even really about giving anything up; it is about choosing something much better way to live. Sobriety means you can start to transform into the person you were meant to be – isn’t it what you deserve?

Close your eyes, and try to imagine yourself this time next year. You will have been sober for 12 months, and your life will have improved in so many ways – you will feel better physically, mentally and spiritually and you will be optimistic about the future. Imagine how good it is going to be to wake up on Christmas morning feeling joy instead of remorse and self-hatred. You can make this vision a reality, and it all starts by going to rehab.