April 4, 2017

Dubai International Airport Being a Hub for Global Drug Smuggling!

Dubai International Airport Drug Smuggling

Dubai addiction issues related to DXB

Dubai is without a doubt, the city of the future in this global landscape that we share. With both rising developments and a booming economy, Dubai has turned the United Arab Emirates into a global destination of absolute desire. This innovative and exciting travel hub of the new world has become a destination for travelers, tourists, and those seeking a new and glamorous life in the mecca that is Dubai. But alas, Dubai, for all its constructed glory is in the midst of dealing with an issue that they have not yet encountered on such a large scale, ever. The import and trafficking of narcotics and other illegal substances, both into Dubai itself and via the famed Dubai International Airport, have become a real and present threat to this incredible city. The vast construction and tireless running of the city’s operations have required Dubai to entice employees from all over the world to help make this dream a sustainable reality. Employees, along with their cultures have, over the past two decades or so, flooded into Dubai with the hopes and prospects of making a new life in this first-rate, one-of-a-kind city.

DXB: The International Hub of Drug Smuggling

Traffickers and drug mules take advantage of the city’s openness and globalization when trafficking narcotics and other illegal substances between Iran and Afghanistan, and Europe. Between 2003 and 2005 the police recorded a threefold increase in the number of arrests for the smuggling of drugs, the majority of arrest being made at the airport. The attraction to Dubai has made the city a center for the movement and distribution of drugs and contraband, even though the Emirates has strict drug enforcement policies. The law imposes up to life imprisonment for drug trafficking. Although the risks are high, for those in the game of drug smuggling, the rewards are even higher. Iranian drug mules fly into Dubai every few months carrying thousands of ecstasy pills, while other drugs are often brought into Dubai via sea. Italy, is one country that has seen a spike in smugglers who transit through Dubai airport as of late. It is said to be an attempt to throw authorities off their scent. Italian police have reported that Dubai airport has become a transit point for smugglers bringing high-value narcotics into Europe. It is further reported that smugglers do not leave Dubai’s transit lounge, otherwise they would be exposed to a customs search. Instead, they use the Dubai-Europe leg, and the U.A.E.’s tough anti-drug reputation, to mask the country where their trip began. The aim here is to provide smugglers with an itinerary that will not arouse the suspicions of officials.

Dubai’s Rising Addiction Problem

Over the past number of years, authorities in Dubai have had the problem of addiction to deal with. A problem that they have not yet encountered on such an epic scale. An increase in the number of youths seeking help with drug and alcohol addiction has been a large contributor to the overall rise, with patients as young as 15 years old being admitted to the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC). Since opening their doors in 2002, the NRC has treated more than 3,500 patients, the bulk of these patients having sought treatment over the last two to three years. The rise in addicts seeking professional treatment correlates with the increase in the use of Dubai International Airport as a drug smuggling hub in the Middle East. The central location of the UAE makes it the ideal hotspot for trafficking, thereby making drugs much more accessible. A further contributor to the attraction of Dubai as a drug smuggling destination is the amount of money that the Gulf has due to its large oil reserves, as well as the cosmopolitan culture that the city has imported. The Asian and Western cultures have mixed fluidly with the Arab culture, the largest part of the population being young and fleeting, increasing the number of users in this rapidly growing population. In Dubai, rapid development has brought with it big city problems.