November 25, 2015

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a term that refers to someone who is afflicted by both a drug or alcohol problem and an emotional or psychiatric disorder. Several theories have been formulated to explain the relationship between psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. One theory suggests that certain types of substance abuse can causally lead to mental illness, whilst another proposes that people with severe mental illness misuse substances in order to reduce a certain set of symptoms and counteract the side-effects of antipsychotic medication.

The bottom line is that both illnesses may affect the person physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. Because the illnesses are interrelated, an integrated approach is the key to treating the two disorders. If the emotional aspect of recovery is not addressed, substance abuse has a much higher chance of reappearing after detoxification. Emotional problems rarely have easy answers, yet substance abuse quickly takes away the pain.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The team at Twin Rivers Rehab are qualified and experienced in dealing with dual diagnosis treatment and adopts a collaborative decision-making procedure between the therapy group and the patient. Common mental conditions that are associated with dual diagnoses include depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia.

Twin Rivers Rehab believes in rehabilitating the mind as well as the body.