February 19, 2021

Dragonfly Foundation 2020

Dragonfly Foundation 2020
Account No: 9021696771
Branch Code: 198 765

Response to a changing World

Along with 12 other registered treatment centres in the Western Cape, South Africa, Twin Rivers chose to temporarily close during the ‘Hard Lockdown’ affording us an opportunity to realistically asses what we are actually dealing with regarding the COVID-19 virus and explore how to operate an effective recovery programme during such challenging times? A measured response was required so as Twin Rivers can continue to address addiction and mental health clients whilst adhering to the governments COVID-19 regulations.

The Twin Rivers Team decided to start a foundation to raise funds for people suffering with addiction and mental health problems who need access to professional residential treatment but have limited access to finance.

How Does This Foundation Work?

1-The foundation funds will be ‘managed’ by Mazars Accountants, a recognised independent- international company specialising in audit-accountancy-advisory, tax and legal services:
Before Mazars release any funds to Twin Rivers a written explanation would have to be submitted for approval promoting effective record keeping as required for an NPC. Three Directors have been appointed to assist in the management of the foundation two of whom are not directly involved with Twin Rivers.

2-Foundation applicants will have to complete an application form specifically designed to confirm the client’s inability to pay standard residential treatment fees.

3-Any client who applies for funding through the foundation will be expected to contribute towards the medical and pocket money floats as the foundation is purely to cover residential treatment fees only.

4-Clients are not expected to repay foundation funds but if they should they find themselves in a position to be able to repay then that’s acceptable, but it will not be an expectation as this would place unnecessary pressure on a person in early recovery.

5-Clients receiving financial assistance from the foundation will experience the same quality of care as those paying full treatment fees.

6-Dragonfly Foundation policy and procedure on confidentiality will confirm that clients who utilize foundation funds will remain anonymous and exposure of foundation-based clients for advertising or any other purpose would be deemed a breach of confidentiality.

7-Treatment fees for clients paid from the foundation will be calculated at a reduced rate to cover daily expenses including therapeutic processes.

‘My experience of 8 weeks of residential treatment was sponsored by the UK government. Unfortunately, this kind of funding is virtually non-existent due to funding cuts! I was incapable of paying for treatment myself and, I had extraordinarily little interest in turning my life around!

This was almost 25 years ago and so the ‘sponsored’ treatment I received contributed heavily in my staying clean and sober’.

David Briskham-Twin Rivers Clinical Director