December 1, 2015

Detoxification – Drugs And Alcohol

Often referred to as detox (detoxification) which is the process of removing toxins from an addict’s or alcoholic’s body with medical and psychological support. This process requires skilful medical attention in order to make the experience as safe and as comfortable as possible for the client.

The length of time the detox takes is dependent on the client’s health and drinking history, but the average is between 5-10 days of essential medication and nursing support. At Twin Rivers Rehab all ‘acute detoxification’ for heroin, alcohol and benzodiazepines is carried out at ‘Knysna Life Healthcare Private Hospital’ and supervised by Dr. Johan.C.Olivier MB.ChB. Counsellor support is also provided whilst the client is in hospital.

Detoxification For Drugs And Alcohol

Detoxification Costs

Please be advised that hospital fees are NOT included in Twin Rivers Rehabs Treatment fees and are invoiced separately. Detoxification can cost between £1.000 – £2.000 depending on the required length of time in hospital.