Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories 2020

Conspiracy Theories 2020

Conspiracy Theories and Coronavirus Pandemic

A spike in COVID-19 cases in South Africa and the possibility of reintroducing another hard lockdown restriction have been the focus of concern for many people. A lot of them have already ended up homeless, jobless, no food, suicidal and limited medical care. It is scary to think about what is going to happen if the government imposes new restrictions as this would definitely result in more people leaving the country, more suicides, more job losses,  increased addiction and mental health problems and further opportunity for the short-sighted activists who have bizarre ideals regarding South Africa’s future!

Looking at the statistics, we can see that more than 90% of people have already successfully recovered from the virus and the fatality rate is at 2,6%, which may imply that the pandemic is not as dangerous as the media impress upon us. So, is the idea of another lockdown for our good and safety, or is it just a part of a well-thought plan, which aims to take away our freedom and control our lives?

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been present in our lives for quite a long time now, but they have become especially popular in recent years. Researchers say that often these beliefs are motivated to understand some phenomenon and are justified by the need for control or feeling special.

Natural human behaviour is to seek explanations for events, sometimes only those that can comfort us or fit in our worldview. And while they might give us satisfactory answers, they often lead to confusion, isolation, and loneliness.

However, there are crazy examples of conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. Is coronavirus pandemic another example of it? Are governments taking advantage of the COVID-19 chaos in order to enhance their own ego-based agendas?

Event 201 and ID2020 Technology 

In October 2019, John Hopkins Centre hosted a pandemic tabletop exercise named Event 201. It simulated an outbreak of a new zoonotic coronavirus spread from bats to pigs that ultimately became a global pandemic. People gathering there debated the necessary steps, the different phases, the overall timeline of the pandemic, and the predicted outcomes.  Was it just a coincidence that the event took place only a few weeks before the official coronavirus outbreak?  

Experts also say that now that we face COVID-19, humans need a completely different, universal identification system that can help governments properly regulate population and tackle existing dangers much faster. They say now it is the right time to come up with those ideas when all nations are struggling against one opponent.

However, some people are sounding the alarm that it is nothing more than a global infrastructure of the virtual human chip, a permanent system that takes control over societies. It gives infinite influence on any person and helps a small group of the wealthiest people in the world to become even more influential and affluent. It aims to make us even more exploited by the largest corporations who already control elements of our lives though media manipulation.

First Lockdown and Its Consequences

Once the first cases of coronavirus were reported in the Wuhan Province in November 2019, the virus began to spread quickly, reaching many countries across the world before they could respond and close their borders to prevent initial infection spreading.

Some people say it was a planned operation to introduce the lockdown, scare the public with the new virus to have a pretext to introduce the vaccine, and gain financial benefits. So, when enough people in the region became infected, governments began to introduce lockdown regulations that, instead of halting the spread of the virus, only slowed down the whole process, having tremendous implications for the global economy.

Over-hyping the mortality rate by linking the research strain to deaths that had little to nothing in common with the virus has become an immensely powerful means of holding people in fear and maintaining a level of control!

Another Hard Lockdown?

When the first phase of quarantine had ended and the public had returned to more or less everyday life, a few weeks after we had been shown that easing restrictions led to an increase in mortality rates, which in fact was combined with day to day deaths from many other causes including natural causes!

Now that they have shown us that the rise in virus cases is real and that living in the current state is incredibly risky for us, they intend to enact another lockdown with more drastic restrictions. It is possible that the second lockdown will last even longer than the first one until the vaccine is released.

It is likely that the vaccine will be obligatory, which means that those who refuse to take it will be considered a threat and a source of future problems that can limit their freedom to work, live and travel.


While conspiracy theories can sometimes sound intriguing, we must not blindly believe in everything that the traditional media tell us. The media is NOT united and is politically fragmented and so will print anything that sells newspapers or improves news channel ratings!

Humanity has always been ‘rocking’ on the scales of good and evil and then there are those who desire to be in ‘no man’s land’ and totally off the grid! The reality is that it no longer matters how or where this pandemic started. The concern now is how personalities now comes way before principles as the world disintegrates into a pit of despair and hopelessness.