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The Addiction Break-Up!

Addiction Relationship The correlation between addiction and a romantic relationship is very realistic. Addiction becomes an addict’s closest most intimate relationship/friend. Addiction becomes the focus above all, the go-to place and the biggest comfort zone. Going into a treatment centre like Twin Rivers is for many clients like a break-up or a divorce even; they[…]

What Is Addiction Counselling

What is Addiction Counselling?

Addiction Counselling at Twin Rivers Rehab Addiction counselling is often where one addict helps another – one who has overcome addiction and knows the perils of getting clean and sober. Twin Rehab Rehabilitation Centre was started and is run by David Briskham, a recovering addict of over 24 years, in gratitude and inspiration for others[…]

Rohypnol date rape drug

Rohypnol-Powerful Sedative

Rohypnol-Powerful Sedative   Rohypnol, more commonly known as the ‘date rape’ drug, has more possibilities for abuse than one may realise. Rohypnol is a powerful sedative and tranquiliser, and is roughly 7-10 times more powerful than Valium. It is an intermediate-acting benzodiazepine that shares some of its general properties with Valium, and is used in[…]

Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious Trauma

What is Vicious Trauma? Simply put anyone who deals with a person, a survivor of trauma or addiction may also find themselves experiences what is called secondary traumatization. It is also described as indirect exposure to a traumatic event through a first-hand account. Counsellors in the helping profession are often at risk of vicarious traumatization.[…]

Twin Rivers & Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

Twin Rivers and Mental Health Mental Health can be somewhat of a minefield as there is so much not known about the mind and what is known is not always applied well, such as misdiagnosis! Yes, there are happier stories whereby mental health sufferers have improved their lives via therapy and/or medication but generally mental[…]


Treatment for Addiction and Anxiety

Treatment for Addiction and Anxiety What is Addiction and Anxiety Twin Rivers Rehab works closely with a high number of clients who suffer with an addiction and a mental health disorder such as anxiety. We fully appreciate that one way well exacerbate the other creating a vicious cycle as depicted above. Substance abuse promotes anxiety[…]

Why Twin Rivers Rehab Stands Out From Other Rehabs!

Why Twin Rivers Rehab Stands Out From Other Rehabs!

Why Twin Rivers Rehab Stands Out From Other Rehabs! T– Therapeutic Community living in a six-bedroom house with 24 Hr staffing, pool, garden, table-tennis, and a 10-minute walk away from warm, award-winning beaches. The clients usually take Twin Rivers two dogs, Lola & Tammy with them to the beach on morning walks. W– Willingness to[…]

Dealing with Psychological Trauma as Part of Addiction Recovery 

Dealing with Psychological Trauma as Part of Addiction Recovery

Psychological Trauma Twin Rivers Rehab understands that If you have experienced psychological trauma, you are likely to have developed emotional barriers that you use to try and protect yourself from painful feelings. The problem is that these barriers are holding you back in life, and they put you at high risk of turning to destructive[…]

Managing Recovery Related Stressors

Managing Recovery Related Stressors

Managing Recovery Related Stressors Twin Rivers Rehab understands that all recovering addicts can be negatively impacted by ‘stressors’ hence the importance of structure and an aftercare programme. A number of stressors are created by ourselves such as going to a pub or a nightclub and drinking coca cola! Early recovery can be stressful enough without[…]

Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication Addiction – The Silent Killer!

            Twin Rivers Rehab & Prescription Medication Prescription drug addiction is probably the biggest addiction globally, pharmaceutical companies can barely keep up with the demand! Twin Rivers Rehab disapproves of the amount of medication that is prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists who unwittingly start patients on the road to addiction.[…]