Art Therapy-Treatment Technique

Art Therapy-Treatment Technique

Here at Twin Rivers Addiction Rehab we include a weekly art therapy slot as part of our treatment programme. The reason for this is that art therapy as a treatment is a powerful tool in creating psychological, physical and spiritual wellness. The link between creativity and mental health has been well documented.

art therapy as a treatment techniqueThe latest neuropsychological research indicates a high level of plasticity in the human brain. Translated into practice means that people are unique and that we now know that they process information in a highly individualized way.
It therefore makes sense to present the daily programme in a variety of different treatment modalities, thus giving clients the best possible opportunity of integrating the concepts taught in the 12 Step Programme.

In addition, we know that emotions are controlled in the Limbic brain and this part of the brain is not governed by language. It therefore makes sense to access these emotions on a non-verbal level as a productive treatment option. Clients who really find this particular form of treatment effective are often clients who have been exposed to a lot of “talking” therapy, but have not managed to translate their insight into behavioural changes. Clients who suffer from ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ and those who are not particularly verbally skilled are also often more comfortable in this modality.

Art Therapy-What is The Goal?

The goal of art therapy is to explore feelings, ideas and thoughts and thereby integrate concepts that are being learned in both group and individual therapy sessions. Ultimately, residential treatment is an opportunity to explore and understand the deepest level of ‘self’ and art therapy is extremely effective in bypassing the usual defense mechanisms.

At Twin Rivers we have found art therapy to be of benefit to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It is also not necessary to have any artistic ability in order to enjoy and benefit from art therapy workshops.