February 4, 2017

Alcoholism and Depression Amongst Expats in Dubai

Is Alcoholism and Depression Growing Amongst Expats in Dubai?

Many would say this is the case!

Expatriates make up at least 80% of the population in Dubai. So why are they there?

Understandably, Dubai is a magnet for the budding entrepreneur who has managed to convince themselves that their ‘presence’ and skillset will enhance Dubai business growth industry. Alternatively, some expats are desperately seeking work as there are no jobs in their own country. Many discover that the grass is not always greener on the other side which may well be a poor analogy based on there being a desert involved! Dubai may well be exuberant and innovative but are the streets paved with gold. No, they are not and that is why, like many cities globally you will find groups of unsettled, unhappy, depressed people whose dreams have been squashed! There is no ‘minimum wage’ in Dubai and so ‘employers’ can pay what they like and unfortunately, some employers pay very small salaries.

Boredom seems to factor strongly in that a sense of unfulfillment or deflated expectations culminates in routinely going to the bar after work. It may have been just for one or two drinks but some people find themselves drinking up to and after closing time! It is also realistic in that some expats may find themselves in debt and stuck in a vicious cycle of paying interest and not any capital and become depressed.

The following signs and symptoms can contribute towards excessive alcohol consumption and/or depression.

* Lack of job fulfilment, long unappreciated work hours
* Feeling undervalued and taken for granted
* Poor work delegation
* Work expectations/outcomes not clear
* Lack of autonomy/independence
* Lack of trust

Signs of depression

* Lethargic
* Sleeplessness
* Isolation
* Headaches/back pain
* Feeling tearful
* Over sensitive
* Moody/aggressive
* Sense of sadness
* Sense of feeling trapped