June 3, 2016

Dubai Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a sensitive issue and Dubai has strict, zero tolerance alcohol laws and so getting drunk in a public place can lead to a fine and even a jail term. The ‘disease’ of addiction is heavily affecting expatriates and Emiratis alike on all social and work scales.
There are government drug and alcohol treatment centres in Abu Dhabi and Dubai but like most government centres they are very busy and have  waiting lists. With such a proud heritage and a lot of global media focus on Dubai it becomes understandable that the UAE does not make too much noise about localised addiction issues that are realistically increasing all over the UAE.

Twin Rivers Rehab in South Africa would like to make Emiratis aware of what our exclusive addiction treatment centre has to offer anyone suffering with an addiction disorder including gambling, dual diagnosis, trauma, depression or an anxiety disorder;

*Superior levels of confidentiality helps International clients feel safe
*First Class residential treatment that caters for clients requiring Halaal food
*A client focussed programme that affords both individual and daily group therapy sessions          

*Clinical Psychologist, Addiction Counsellors and a Step Work counsellor

*Daily lectures and workshops
*Yoga, Art, Drama and Drumming workshops 
*Daily walks to the nearby award winning beaches

*Bi-weekly visits to the local gymnasium which has a half size Olympic swimming pool


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Twin Rivers Rehab fully understands that the common ground among all our clients is a serious addiction or mental health disorder. What we also appreciate is that each client is a unique individual with their own past history and that each clients personal needs do vary requiring a variety of different therapies in order to effectively help the client to grow spiritually and gradually move forward in their lives.

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