April 28, 2017

Emiratis and Expats Addiction Treatment in South Africa

Emiratis and Expats addiction treatment in South Africa

The Benefits of Treatment in South Africa for Emiratis and Expats

With the rising state of addiction throughout the Arab region, the need for top-quality, caring treatment is at an all-time high. Never before has the region see this scale of addiction and substance abuse. A challenge that must fast be dealt with and overcome. The escalation of the regions drug problems have been attributed to many factors, including the massive import of migrant workers, along with their cultures and social norms.

A 2015 report conducted by the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) into the social and economic impact of substance abuse is the UAE found the annual cost to the economy to be around Dh5.5bn ($1.6bn). The report further showed that the cost of loss of production was far greater than the cost of treatment, prevention, and patient reintegration programs.

Local Emiratis and Expats, due to lack of information about their substance abuse problems, may not know where to turn for help, similarly, expats without their familiar support network from back home may find themselves in a downward spiral of uncontrollable drinking. Both need quality intervention, but where to get it?

Addiction Treatment The most effective way to treat and overcome any addiction is by getting treatment in a residential rehabilitation center or clinic. The live-in residence make treatment a smooth and hassle-free process, while supported by other residents going through similar hardships. At the moment, seeking treatment abroad is the only option for those expats and residents looking for a residential rehab. The opening and subsequent expansion of the NRC has visibly enforced the UAE’s commitment to tackling the problems of substance abuse. Although there is a visible commitment from the government throughout the UAE to tackle this growing epidemic, some addicts may feel that their chances for recovery are better in an environment that is more familiar to them, even if it is only the native language spoken.

Seeking Addiction Treatment Abroad

Twin Rivers Rehabilitation Center in Plettenberg Bay South Africa is one the country’s premier rehabilitation centers. An internationally acclaimed and registered treatment center, Twin Rivers is proud to have served a bevy of international patients from countries such as Asia, The Middle East, and the United States. The center’s Director, David Briskham, is an accredited addictions therapist, and has himself more than 21 year’s continuous recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, gambling, and co-dependency.

Many treatments offered to Emiratis and Expats abroad, usually in Europe, come with a huge price tag that could be partially attributed to the exchange rate. Over the past five years Twin Rivers has seen its popularity increase as South Africa’s premium treatment center, professionally assisting addiction and mental health disorders.

Although South Africa may seem a long way from your new-found home, the world-class treatment that Emiratis and Expats will receive at Twin Rivers is comparable to the best rehab programs in Europe, and comes at a fraction of the cost. Treatment at Twin Rivers has been based on the almost 50 years, and 84 percent success rate of Broadway Lodge in the United Kingdom. Director David has more than 20 years’ experience working in the field of mental health and addiction recovery both in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Getting help does not have to cost you or a loved one an arm and a leg. Seeking world-class treatment at a fraction of the cost is merely a wise decision away. I wish for you the best during this tough time, and hope that you make the right recovery decision to put your life back into your capable hands.