January 14, 2017

Addiction Treatment for Expats in The United Arab Emirates

Expats living in UAE (United Arab Emirates) can find themselves dealing with a variety of addiction related problems.

Addiction Treatment for Expats in The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Treatment

Due to the local laws regarding the use of drugs and alcohol and there being limited options offering addiction related assistance it is somewhat of a nightmare trap for expats. This combination of no tolerance and limited resources for addicts of all types can ‘push’ an addict deep into denial promoting high levels of desperation and possibly, feared based isolation!

Far from home, friends base is reducing, debt is possibly rising and degrees of depression and depressive thoughts are ‘kicking in’. It’s impossible to deal with the illness of addiction on your own and I am sure by now you may have tried various ‘methods’ to reduce or stop drinking and drugging but of course, none of them worked and you now find yourself in an even worse situation.

Twin Rivers Rehab offers ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING addicts and alcoholics in the UAE a fantastic, realistic option of sustainable professional assistance at our rehab in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

Contact Twin Rivers directly on 0027 44 533 6821 or speak to David, an addiction therapist on 0027 828 633 159 TODAY!