June 3, 2016

UAE Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug And Alcohol Rehab For Emiratis From Dubai & The UAE

Twin Rivers Rehab in South Africa offers Emiratis and Expatriates residing in Dubai, and surrounding states private residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescription medication addiction, gambling addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, pornography addiction and dual diagnosis.

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Fighting addiction in the UAE

Fighting addiction in the UAE

The Islamic ruled nation of the UAE has always upheld the strictest of control over affairs such as dress code, public decency and amongst others, alcohol and drug consumption. Drug possession or use is 100% forbidden and addicts are often faced with serious jail time. A drug offender can be sentenced to jail for at least two years, with more serious offenders facing 10 years or more behind bars, life imprisonment or even death sentences

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Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa for Oxycodone Addiction

Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa for Oxycodone Addiction

Here at Twin Rivers Rehab we offer individualised care for clients looking to escape oxycodone and other prescription drug abuse. We provide a therapeutic environment in beautiful Plettenberg Bay, and by the time you leave you will have all the tools you need to enjoy an oxycodone-free future.

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Emiratis Expats addiction treatment South Africa

Emiratis and Expats Addiction Treatment in South Africa

Local Emiratis and Expats, due to lack of information about their substance abuse problems, may not know where to turn for help, similarly, expats without their familiar support network from back home may find themselves in a downward spiral of uncontrollable drinking. Both need quality intervention, but where to get it?

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UAE addiction crisis

UAE’s Escalating Addiction Crisis

Substance abuse has fast become a growing concern to those whose live in and around the Gulf States in the Arab Region. The mounting burden on the economy of Abi Dhabi can visibly be seen, with the increased spending on both prevention and treatment hoping to ease the burden, as well as repay the investments that this dilemma has created

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High Expectations in Dubai

How High Expectations Have Led to Depression and Addiction

Depression is prevalent throughout the UAE, and often stems from sources different to those that expatriates are accustomed to in their home nations.

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Dubai Drug Smuggling

Dubai International Airport a hub for global drug smuggling!

The Dubai law imposes up to life imprisonment for drug trafficking. Although the risks are high, for those in the game of drug smuggling, the rewards are even higher.

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Teenage Boredom in Dubai

Teenage Boredom in Dubai

Boredom often stems from a lack of creativity, endeavor, or motivation, and the rising rate of boredom among teenagers is at an all-time high.

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UAE Addiction Treatment centre

Twin Rivers Rehab private and exclusive residential treatment centre for Emirates from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

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Addiction Treatment for Expats in The United Arab Emirates

Addiction Treatment for Expats in The United Arab Emirates

Due to the local laws regarding the use of drugs and alcohol and there being limited options offering addiction related assistance it is somewhat of a nightmare trap for expats.

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Narcotics, Drugs and Alcohol In Dubai

Narcotics, Drugs and Alcohol Possession In Dubai

Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy regarding laws directly related to possession or use of drugs/narcotics and alcohol consumption….

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UAE Dubai World Expo 2020

UAE Dubai World Expo October 2020 and April 2021

Between October 2020 and April 2021, Dubai will host the next World Expo. Bringing together more than 180 nations…

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Travelflight time from Dubai to Cape Town via the Emirates Group

Travel Time From Dubai To Cape Town

Travelling from Dubai to Cape Town in South Africa using the Emirates Group Economy Class Flight only takes 9.5 hours and their are 3 flights per day available to the Mother City, Cape Town.

Travelling from Dubai to Cape Town

Is Alcoholism and Depression Growing Amongst Expats in Dubai?

Some expats are desperately seeking work as there are no jobs in their own country. Many discover that the grass is not always greener on the other side which may well be a poor analogy based on there being a desert involved!

Alcoholism and Depression in Dubai

Alcoholism in Dubai

Alcoholism in Dubai

It has been reported by the World Health Organisation that UAE drinkers consume almost double global alcohol average. The consumption rate of pure alcohol a year per person 7 years ago, was 32.8 litres which is twice as much as countries like the United Kingdom.

Alcoholism in Dubai