August 15, 2019

Addiction is fatal

Addiction-Cunning-Baffling & Powerful!

No one wanders into Twin Rivers with a total understanding of why they have come to us other than our excellent reputation in operating the most effective recovery treatment programme in South Africa! Addiction is multi faceted and far more involved than just stopping drinking alcohol or abusing drugs. Whilst the therapy team work hard in assisting clients improve their lifestyles we are fully aware that the ‘illness’ of addiction is working on finding ways in keeping this person addicted! A common example would be codependency whereby the client stops abusing alcohol, for example and gets into a toxic relationship in a vain attempt to fill ‘the void’. This is one of the reasons that ‘aftercare’ is so important to ensure that the clients disease doesn’t metamorphasise into some other addiction.

Addiction is fatal

The Insanity of refusing residential treatment

‘Recovery did not open the gates of heaven and let me in. Recovery opened the gates of hell and let me out’


One of the most courageous things an addict or alcoholic can do is to put up their hand and say, “I need help.” It is a frightening step for anyone to take. With it comes the knowledge that whomever you are telling this to might be disappointed, shocked or even relieved. The first step of the 12-step programme of AA and NA isn’t called – “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol/drugs, that our loves had become unmanageable” – for no reason. It is the boldest and bravest first step into recovery.

Often times we admit our powerlessness in a state in which we find ourselves truly overpowered. But, as many addicts know, once you begin to feel better, or the craving becomes too much, we fall right back into the cycle of using. And become quite protective over our substance abuse habits, while holding on tightly to denial. The key then, would be to strike while the iron is hot. From the moment of admitting powerlessness immediate steps should be taken to claim responsibility and to get into a rehab facility. Refusing treatment, in whatever form it comes, could be a fatal mistake.

Here’s why:

Addiction is fatal

When your addiction to drugs and alcohol is in full blown mode the ability to get away from it becomes harder and harder. Being addicted, and being in a using cycle, is like being trapped on a speed train, never knowing when it will stop or when you can get off. Added to this your tolerance to drugs and alcohol never becomes less, it only ever becomes more and more. This means that you need bigger quantities to achieve the high you are so desperately chasing, and in turn leads to the fact that your chance of overdosing become higher and higher. Not only this, but your cravings and withdrawal immediately become worse and more dangerous.

Making a lifestyle change is incredibly hard

Most addicts and alcoholics did not get addicted in the space of one day. It is likely that it had been a gradual process. Many addicts, upon sharing their life story, come to see that addiction often began at an early age, many times before the age of becoming a teenager. Addiction would likely have started off with alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana, and as time went on, progressed to harder drugs.

To think that one got addicted before the age of 13 is a pretty startling reality. It means that you likely do not know life without the use of drugs. Taking the first steps to being drug free is incredibly hard and it cannot be stressed enough how a rehab facility is a vital part of the process. A rehab facility will keep you safe from simply stepping back into addiction when the going gets tough, and in the early days of recovery, the going really does get tough.

Once you are sober the real work begins

A rehab facility like Twin Rivers has got many years of experience in dealing with addiction and every difficulty in recovery that you will face. Having gone through harrowing addiction himself, David Briskham knows the exact challenges that you will face. It is likely that you will have to change aspects of your life that may make you feel that you are letting go of (unhealthy) friendships or other relationships, which will be very hard. Therapists at a rehab facility can point out to you the exact dangers in your life that will lead you straight back to active addiction, and help you put measures in place that will keep you safe so that you can begin to build up a sustainable, successful and complete recovery.

Remember that admitting that you have a problem takes immense courage, the road to recovery is not an easy one, but there is no reason that you have to go at it alone. Being in a rehab environment teaches you the fundamentals and basics of recovery. It also gives you an environment in which you can begin to practice these principles. In a residential treatment facility you will meet people who struggle with similar problems and so shame and guilt falls by the wayside as you begin to focus on redeeming your life.

Be stronger than your excuses

One of the key symptoms of addiction is denial and it is a lethal one as it keeps the addict in active addiction. You might be minimizing your usage, or justifying your actions, but the hard truth is that you are lying to yourself and those close to you. An addict will do everything to protect their addiction, underestimating the power that addiction has over the addict is a serious mistake. Addiction is a very real and terrible, but curable disease.

Reach out

It takes courage to change; getting the help you need is never a sign of weakness, rather a brave start in getting your life back. Empower yourself by making healthy choices against a life of addiction. Twin Rivers Addiction Recovery Centre is the right option for you and the best chance you will have at redeeming your life. If this article speaks to you personally, or someone that you love, take the first step and get into contact with Twin Rivers immediately. Do not let addiction take you down, rather let it be the thing you stand up from and triumph over.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
– Victor Hugo, Les Miserables