January 8, 2020

Activities and Physical Exercise

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Twin Rivers Exercise Programme

Outdoor activities and physical exercise form a very important part of the recovery programme at Twin Rivers. Time spent on excursions to the gym and local places of interest all add to each client’s individual experience of holistic care at Twin Rivers.

Twin Rivers attends the local gym on a regular basis, making exercise an integral part of our new programme. A Twin Rivers staff member is a qualified Personal Trainer and can assist with stretching and weight training techniques. Twin Rivers also has a consultant physiotherapist on the team who can help clients with sports injuries and general physiotherapy needs.

Exercise Promotes Healing

Most of Twin Rivers clients have a Dual Diagnosis in that they suffer from an addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously. It is extremely important to address both destructive elements at the same time in order for the client to grow, change and gradually take more responsibility. This is why exercise is such an important ingredient in Twin Rivers new programme which aligns perfectly with all the individual and group therapy sessions-lectures-worship’s and assignment work.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

  • Reduces depression-stress and anxiety
  • Can assist better sleep patterns
  • Can improve mood and ability to concentrate
  • Increases your energy and muscle strength
  • Improves circulation and boosts the immune system

Going to the gym can be a vastly improved experience if you set yourself a realistic goal such as losing 5 kg or strengthening a weak lower back! There is no shortage of people frequenting the gym with no real idea of what they are doing or why they are doing it leading to bad form and frustratingly poor results. Weight training, for example, is not to everyone’s liking and so you might like the spinning bikes-the treadmill-the swimming pool-the cross-fit deck-yoga and stretching in the studio-boxing training or perhaps circuit training. There are many variations of the same theme which can be really enjoyable and once an exercise regime is added to your recovery routine post-rehab then relapse is less likely to happen.

Other Forms of Exercise

Hiking, for example, is another great form of exercise which can be experienced while you are in Twin Rivers but is also a good example of an ongoing exercise in recovery for those who really do not like the gym scene. Rowing-canoeing-swimming-soccer-badminton-squash or maybe tennis. Once you have improved your fitness while you’re at Twin Rivers you may well want to take up one of these other sports which was perhaps a hobby at one time that fell away due to addiction!

Twin Rivers can introduce you to the world of training and exercise that will hopefully become a way of life in your recovery.

Being located in Plettenberg Bay clients at Twin Rivers have access to a number of exciting and challenging local attractions which all promote a sense of wellbeing-fresh air and exercise. These include Kloofing at Africanyon, Horse Riding, Swimming with Seals, Deep Sea Fishing as well as less strenuous visits to The Plettenberg Game Reserve, Radical Raptors, Knysna Elephant Park and  Lawnwood Snake Park http://www.lawnwoodsnakesanctuary.co.za/


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