5 tips in Helping Twin Rivers Recovery Programme work for you!

Recovery programme tips that work

The team here at Twin Rivers will be doing everything possible to help you to break free of addiction. We provide you with the right environment, the best resources, and plenty of support, but only you can make this essential transformation happen. The truth is that we cannot guarantee your success, but the good news is you can!

1. Get Rid of Any Ambivalence You Might Have Towards Alcohol or Drug Abuse

“Half measures availed us nothing” – Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

If you are ambivalent towards recovery, it means you are not fully committed to this new way of living. This would be the case if you believe that by staying sober for a certain amount of time is going to mean you will be able to use alcohol or abuse drugs again successfully! If you want to enjoy a good life in sobriety you need to let go of this desire to drink or use drugs again completely. It is only then that you will be able to fully commit to the Twin Rivers recovery programme.

2. Understand the Importance and Power of Humility

“My best thinking got me here” – Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

The fact that you have become addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex, pornography or are codependent doesn’t mean you are a bad person, you are unwell! You have developed unhelpful and destructive patterns of thinking that need to be addressed. If you enter Twin Rivers with an arrogant attitude; that you already have all the answers then you will undoubtedly fail. In order to succeed you need to develop enough humility to become and remain teachable on a daily basis.

Humility – ‘the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s own importance’

3. Take Responsibility for Getting the Most Out of your Recovery Programme

The Twin Rivers treatment is not a passive experience. All the resources you need to succeed are here, but are worthless unless you make use of them all. This is your life that’s in serious trouble, so you do need to take responsibility for your sobriety-one day at a time! Addiction has led your mind and body to become lethargic and lazy, but you need to overcome this and take charge. Twin Rivers can only help those who are willing to help themselves, take responsibility and try something new by asking for HELP!

4. Have Some Faith in the Power of Recovery

Getting sober requires a leap of faith, and unfortunately this is why many clients choose to stay miserable and in denial. You don’t know for sure what is going to happen when you give up addiction, so you need to have some faith that it is going to mean a better quality of life. You already have some insight in that doing the wrong things in life leads to pain and suffering, so it certainly isn’t entirely unreasonable to believe the opposite exists! Blind faith is required at the beginning of your journey, we invite you to trust the process-take the cotton wool out of your ears and LISTEN to what is on offer!

5. Be Willing to Do Whatever it Takes

The secret of those who have managed to develop a long-lasting sobriety is that they became willing to do whatever it takes; they have gone to any lengths to grow and maintain their recovery. This level of determination can turn you into an unstoppable and positive force. This approach can allow you to get the most out of the whole Twin Rivers recovery process and beyond. It involves letting go of all the ‘excuses’ for why you can’t succeed and instead focusing on what can help you to succeed and improve your quality of life rather than focusing on revenge, anger and blame.