Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Bipolar Disorder is the new term for manic-depression whereby the client experiences both low and manic type mood swings varying in frequency, hence the two different Bipolar catagories 1&2. The staff at Twin Rivers are well aware that Bipolar is often misdiagnosed, especially among addicts! Why is this? Quite simply, most addicts[…]

Dating An Addict -Tread With Caution

Dating An Addict-Tread With Caution!

Dating An Addict -Tread With Caution Twin Rivers & Relationships In Early Recovery The biggest relapse dynamic is getting into a romantic relationship in early recovery. What is early recovery, well, in my opinion the first 2-5 years! It a tough call and that’s why so many fail at the first romantic hurdle, being in[…]

The Amazing 12 Steps

The Amazing 12 steps-Part One

The Amazing 12-steps Twin Rivers assists hundreds of clients each year with our programmes that are all underpinned by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We appreciate that not all clients are keen on the 12 steps. Some clients believe the 12 steps are too religious but its NOT a religious programme, its a spiritual[…]