Mandrax, South Africa’s Most Abused Illicit Drug

Mandrax Drug

Mandrax is a synthetic drug that is created through the mixing of chemicals to produce the drug in a tablet form. Smoked with Dagga, it is still the drug of choice for the largest parts of the South African population. Mandrax, whose active ingredient is Methaqualone, was originally prescribed in the sixties and seventies as a sleeping aide, and came with additional medical benefits for high blood pressure and anxiety attacks.

It was originally thought that this medication came with no harmful side effects, this however was proven incorrect, especially when mixed with alcohol or marijuana. Once mixed, these side effects became possibly life-threatening due to the severity of the psychological and physical dependency caused. Due to its misuse, Mandrax earned itself a ban in most parts of the world, inadvertently increasing production through clandestine laboratories throughout many developing nations, including South Africa and the Far East.

What Makes Mandrax the Number 1 Choice?

When smoked, Mandrax displays much of the same effects of Cannabis, only with a greater degree of intensity. It is smoked to achieve a greater “rush”. Due to the body’s tolerance for Dagga used in small amounts, users tend to add a Mandrax tablet to the mix to reach the same high as they did before. Mandrax tablets sell from anything between R25 and R65 per tablet depending on availability, quality and demand. This cheap little pill is highly addictive and has immense physical and psychological effects on users, who are known to experience severe withdrawal symptoms while attending a rehabilitation program.

Methods of Use and Signs of Users

Mandrax comes in the form of little coloured pill and is usually crushed, mixed and smoked with Dagga in a Dagga pipe, otherwise known as a “Bottle Neck”, or “White Pipe”. Regular Mandrax users have distinct stains that are left on their hands from smoking through a bottle neck, usually visible across the palm of the hand and fingers.

Mandrax users carry with them the tell-tale signs of their addiction, the drug having a heinous and direct physical effect on a regular users’ physical features. Among the physical features, yellow teeth and scabbed or bleeding lips, blood shot eyes, rotten teeth, and a general gaunt appearance will plague users. Users suffer from drowsiness caused due to unnatural sleep patterns, making them a danger in the workplace. A depressed appetite and swollen abdomen, as well as increase saliva production, are further signs of a frequent Mandrax user.

The Dangers and Treatment Options

Mandrax comes with a variety of unpleasant side effects due to its highly-addictive physical and psychological nature, leading users to depression along with some serious emotional problems. Headaches, drastic weight-loss and stomach cramps, coupled with insomnia, aggression, toxic psychosis, loss of muscle control, and possible epileptic episodes, are all real dangers that those who choose to use Mandrax are faced with.

The severe withdrawals faced by those using Mandrax on a regular basis is something that needs to be handled in the correct manner while going through the recovery period. Most patients require a detoxification while going through a rehabilitation program to control the cravings and symptoms associated with withdrawal. At Twin Rivers Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, we offer a safe and comfortable environment that will allow patients to work through the withdrawals, as they will be guided by treatment and counselling professionals, to get to the root cause of the addiction, and tackle the problem head-on. Throughout the program, we help patients to develop the key skills that are necessary to maintain their sobriety in their day-to-day lives.