February 5, 2018

Private Addictions Specialist





The UAE is a proud nation and I understand and appreciate their general reluctance in receiving assistance from outside of the UAE.

As an addictions and Dual Diagnosis specialist I can assist high profile families in the UAE who are experiencing addiction and mental health related issues, such as depression within the family system. ‘Unresolved trauma’ is common with people suffering from an addiction or psychological disorder.

‘Everyone has varying degrees of trauma in their life and individuals respond to trauma in different ways. What is traumatic to one person may not seem so traumatic to another! An example could be; the loss of a family pet where some family members are visibly traumatised and others may seem unruffled. The interesting thing is that the ‘unruffled’ person could actually be traumatised but keeps it hidden from others! Depending on the person and their ability to handle traumatic situations, these experiences can promote the ‘shivers’ when re-living the incident to panic attacks or even debilitating fear that could promote a highly depressed or catatonic state (the body shuts down). Similar to depression, trauma can lead to self-medication (prescription or black market) to numb the painful feelings, dilute the reality of the situation which in turn can lead to other addictions and highly destructive behaviours’.

I have connections with a psychiatrists and psychologists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Who can assist in ascertaining a full diagnosis and the clients immediate needs if required. I would travel to the UAE and meet with the family that is experiencing addiction related problems, discuss family expectations, gather information about the client and then make a more informed decision regarding the best way forward in a discrete and confidential manner.

The addict(family member with an addiction related problem) may well be unwilling to engage in my services and so I would assist the family in creating an ‘intervention’ whereby we approach the addict as a concerned group and help the addict to get a better understanding of how their behaviour is negatively impacting the family. This process works very well and rarely has to be repeated.

My services include arranging residential treatment for the client in the UAE or possibly in another country if agreeable to all concerned. Even though I own my own Addiction and Mental Health Disorder Treatment Centre in South Africa I fully appreciate that this may not be an acceptable option for some families.

Addiction slowly erodes family unity and spirituality leaving family members concerned and worrying about what to do, often concerned about the addicts response towards perceived ‘interference’ from the family.

As a UK accredited addictions therapist with over 22 years in recovery from various addictions I can hold the families hand and walk them all through together in challenging what they thought could not be challenged!

David Briskham HND, NCAC, FDAP-UK
0027(0)828 633 159