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If you’re on our website chances are you’re looking for help – either for yourself or someone you hold very dear. We understand your pain and your suffering and we would love to help you. We have many years of combined experience in successful addiction recovery treatment and our Centre is set in the tranquil and beautiful surroundings of Plettenberg Bay which is situated 520 km from Cape Town.

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'Addiction Recovery and Personal Development Centre' Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Birmingham, Bristol & Dubai
We are totally dedicated to introducing clients to an improved way of thinking that will positively impact behaviour and lead towards a more constructive and meaningful life.

Twin Rivers Rehab is a premier, International, licensed treatment centre whose doors are open to both local African and European clients.

Twin Rivers has proudly introduced the world of recovery from addiction to clients from The Middle East, Asia and the USA.

Chris Sharpe and Adrian Rooke are Twin Rivers consultants in the UK. Their role is to assist with enquiries from clients and their families who use the UK contact telephone numbers at the top of this page. Chris and Adrian are both seasoned therapists who will assess the client’s needs telephonically or in an arranged private meeting.

Chris covers Birmingham and surrounding areas and Adrian resides in Bristol City. Twin Rivers also has an Interventionist based in London, Naz Hassan who carries out interventions and chaperones clients to Twin Rivers if required.

Clients who are referred to Twin Rivers through Chris or Adrian have the opportunity to continue working with them on their return to the UK (Aftercare). Both Chris and Adrian facilitate individual and group therapy sessions for clients in order to help support those early stages of the recovery process.

Twin Rivers Rehab is dedicated in developing global professional conduits that promote continuous effective client services which is essential for client recovery success.

Twin Rivers was founded by David and Caroline Briskham in March 2011. David is a UK Accredited Addictions Therapist (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals) at Twin Rivers Rehab with over 22 years’ continuous recovery from alcohol, drugs, gambling and co-dependency. David trained initially at Broadway Lodge in Weston-super-Mare UK, the longest operating addictions treatment centre in Europe.

Over the past six and a half years Twin Rivers Rehab has become increasingly popular and recognised as South Africa’s most effective treatment centre for clients needing professional assistance with addiction and mental health disorders (Dual Diagnosis).

Twin Rivers Rehab has developed a very good reputation for having one of the most effective combined addiction and mental health treatment programmes in South Africa.

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Twin Rivers Rehab offers clients a first-class standard of '12 step based' residential treatment designed specifically around the needs of people suffering with addiction and mental health disorders in the modern world.

A combination of realistically affordable rates, an International multi-disciplinary clinical team, diverse & comprehensive weekly programme, warm climate, friendly locals culture and the highest level of patient care in a beautiful setting cannot be easily found anywhere else in the world!

Authentic Recovery Programmes for People Suffering with Addiction & Mental Health Disorders.

“Twin Rivers has developed programmes that really work in addressing substance abuse and mental health disorders. South Africa might seem to be a long way from home, but in comparison it is a small price to pay!”

Our Team

Twin Rivers Director and Fitness Instructor
Clinical & Development Director

David is a recovering addict, alcoholic, gambler and co-dependent who trained as a chemical dependency counsellor at Broadway Lodge in the UK. David moved to South Africa in 2001 and became Accredited by the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals UK in November 2006 and is accredited with the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP). David’s approach to therapy is integrative and broad enough to support the needs of individual clients and client groups in the ever evolving world of addiction and recovery approaches. In 2016 David celebrated 21 years clean and sober – 06/07/1995 – 06/7/2016

Twin Rivers David Briskham 21 years ago

Theo Marais
Twin Rivers Consultant Psychologist (retired)

Theo grew up I King Williams Town and studied to be a teacher/counsellor.
After working for 12 years in the UK I returned to South Africa and trained to become an Educational Psychologist. I practised in the Department of Education for 30 years in mainstream and special education services before retiring to Plettenberg Bay with my wife.
I enjoyed working with children and adults who experienced challenges regarding their physicality, visual and hearing impairments, emotional and behavioural issues, learning difficulties, gender issues and sexuality as well as various addictions.
I love the caring and supportive nature of the challenging work that has been developed at Twin Rivers and I thoroughly enjoy my part-time role here.

Ryan Erispe
Head of Treatment

Ryan is Twin Rivers Senior Addictions Counsellor whose responsibilities involves overseeing the smooth running of the centre each day. Ryan also undertakes individual counselling and the facilitation of group therapy, lectures and workshops. Ryan’s personal addiction experience and training affords a measured and respectful therapeutic approach that effectively challenges the illness of addiction.

Danielle du Plessis Addiction Counsellor
Addiction Counsellor

Danielle Du Plessis attended Rhodes University and completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology followed by an Honours in Psychology and graduated in 2015. Since then Danielle has completed two courses in counselling with UNISA and spent two months teaching before relocating to join the Twin Rivers Clinical Team.

Reginald Paulse
Twin Rivers Registered Nurse

Twin Rivers Registered Nurse

Emma Clayton
Recovery Assistant & Trainee Counsellor

RA – Recovery Assistant & Trainee Counsellor

Dr. Johan Olivier
Consultant GP

Dr. Olivier is a General Practitioner with a practice in the town of Knysna which is close to Plettenberg Bay. Dr. Johan Olivier is also a Mental Health/Medical Consultant for Twin Rivers Recovery Centre and has many years’ experience in the addiction recovery field.

Dr. Samuel Botha
Consultant GP

Dr. Botha studied at Stellenbosch University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and a Diploma in Mental Health. Dr. Botha has a private practice in Plettenberg bay and facilitates medical assessments of clients at Twin Rivers.

Mike Carey Twin Rivers Concierge
Twin Rivers Concierge

Mike is likely to be the first ‘Twin Rivers’ face you see when he collects you, either as your chaperone or as your airport transfer driver. Mike is Twin Rivers Rehabs ‘go to guy’ when it comes to client transport needs. Mike’s calm and measured approach to sometimes, sudden situations is very reassuring for Twin Rivers who require reliability and professionalism at all times. Twin Rivers Concierge (TRC) is a relatively new addition to Twin Rivers extended services and we are thrilled to have Mike on board.

Hassan UK International Interventions
Twin Rivers Interventionist

Naz Hassan-Interventionist, Sober transporter, Companion & Sober Coach

Naz has a lot of experience regarding ‘transportation’ of valuable items, VIPs, engaging in ‘close-protection’ work and surveillance.

This demanding, thankless lifestyle became quite challenging in its isolation contributing towards Naz becoming addicted to mood altering substances in an attempt to cope.

Naz’s biggest challenge of all has been addiction itself, more complex than any of his previous work engagements. A combination of determination and psychological assistance has led Naz to embarking on a career that utilizes his people skill set and helps to maintain his own recovery from addiction.

Naz has trained as an interventionist, sober transporter, sober companion and a sober life coach, assisting those with addiction and mental health disorders get appropriate residential 12 step based treatment.

Naz Hassan appreciates that UK treatment is not affordable to all families and so Naz has developed a working relationship with Twin Rivers Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa as a realistic option for clients suffering with a Dual Diagnosis.

Naz can assist with UK/International interventions – http://twinriversrehab.co.za/specialist-intervention/
Chaperone clients door to door from their home to rehab.

Naz offers sober companionship/sober coaching; assisting clients in the early stages of their recovery post residential treatment.

Tel: +44 7815 163 828

Drama Therapist

Stuart has been involved in theatre for over 35 years. He has worked in television, film, and theatre productions both locally and internationally. His passion lies in using his craft to uplift, empower and inspire. He firmly believes that the arts, and especially the performing arts, have a multi-layered impact on participants as it engages one physically, emotionally, and mentally.
He started Lunchbox Theatre (www.lunchbox.org.za) in Plettenberg Bay in 2008. They perform educational theatre shows in schools, raising awareness about relevant environmental and social issues. Lunchbox Theatre also facilitates dance and drama workshops in local underprivileged schools.
He is actively involved with Tshisa Talent (www.tshisatalent.co.za) which discovers, develops, and promotes local emerging performing artists from the township communities.
He created the entertainment agency Big Circle Entertainment Agency (www.bigcircle.co.za) in 2010 providing a large variety of entertainment for weddings, events, and guest hosting establishments.
Stuart pours his theatre knowledge into many different workshops including arts and culture curriculum at schools, team building and local recovery centres.

Caroline Briskham
Insurance Administrator

Caroline is originally from Zimbabwe and has lived in Florida USA and the UK. Caroline is a busy mum of two and supports David in the daily running of the Recovery Centre.

Twin Rivers retains the services of a comprehensive range of consultants to ensure the health and well being of our clients. See More.

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